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GriffioenMedia, the creative media company from Holland

Griffin Media is the creative media company from the Netherlands and founded in February 2012.

Griffin Media creates huggable characters. For each character is a website available in several languages. The purpose of these sites is to give children a well balanced portfolio of activities to offer, which can be played directly on the website, but also in the living room or even outside. The activities are informative, creative and educational and are based on the adventures of the characters. Site members have access to additional materials. Ready-made high quality products can be purchased by every visitor in the webshop.

The first character was launched in April 2011, and called Chiggy, at first sight a little girl, the mirror on her chest used to turn into a tough or cool person. In this way they will experience many exciting adventures.

The products are sold in the shop will only be shipped to the Netherlands or Belgium. Order from other countries it is possible, as long as it can be sent to an address in one of these two countries. All orders are our terms and conditions apply.

Griffin Media is a sequel to hilaris, which was founded in 2011 by two creative designers, both with children, who would like a site offer ad-free, easy to understand and inspiring for children aged from 3 to about 9 years old . Together with the members of the community wants Griffin Media Chiggy valuable and meaningful solutions.

Contact Bas Griffioen for more information or advice.


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